Spiritual Housekeeping

“When it’s time to change (when it’s time to change)
Don’t fight the tide, go along for the ride
Don’t ya see
When it’s time to change, you’ve got to rearrange
Who you are and what you’re gonna be”

– The Brady Bunch

SPIRITUAL HOUSEKEEPING is about taking stock of our lives — taking an honest look at what brings us joy, what causes us pain, what we yearn for, what feels desperately missing, and what we allow to hold us back. 

We are essentially Marie Kondo-ing your inner experience. We empty out the metaphorical closets and drawers of your life to see what’s there, how you feel about it, and what you’d change.

Most spiritual or personal growth seekers bypass the fundamentals. They want to skip the mundane, earthy stuff and leap up into the ethereal, esoteric, and aspirational. They just don’t want to have to do the dirty work.

SPIRITUAL HOUSEKEEPING is not drudgery or dirty work. It’s not paying your dues or going through dark nights of the soul.

It’s an invigorating, thrilling opportunity to immediately reshape your reality, making room for your heart’s desires and at long last releasing things that you’ve known quietly in your cells was not in alignment with who you are and who you are meant to be.

Already know you want in?


We’ll take you through a journey of answering simple but deep and juicy questions that will begin to shed light on what’s making you happy…and what’s keeping you from being happy. And then we’ll take ACTION.

Some of the things we’ll talk about are:

  • What does your day-to-day life actually consist of? In other words, where are you spending your time, focus, and energy? How do those things make you feel?
  • What limiting beliefs are running on autopilot in the background that you’re not noticing anymore?
  • What negative patterns trip you up when you’re trying to make positive changes?
  • What energy “leaks” in your life make you feel drained? What nourishes and serves you by feeding you energetically?
  • What are your dreams, your visions for yourself? And how possible do those feel?
  • What stories are you telling yourself about your past, present, and future?


It’s about taking stock, owning up to what is making you less-than-happy and doing something about it.

The “doing” is SPIRITUAL HOUSEKEEPING’s secret sauce. Action, experience, and reinforcement are woven throughout each and every module, each and every week.
I believe that this is what’s missing in most coaching courses and programs out there. We’ve all consumed enough content, attended enough webinars, boot camps and master classes. It’s time to DO.
But this time you’re not doing this alone.
This is not just any coaching program. This is the most immersive coaching program you will ever experience. I’m here to help support you, encourage you, inspire you, and EQUIP you.
You will receive the tools and learn the skills you need to change your life. But more importantly, I will give you the most crucial piece of the puzzle: how to create the mindset that makes achieving your dreams possible.  
I have woven a loving, strong foundation of support throughout the entire six weeks of SPIRITUAL HOUSEKEEPING. This is a personal endeavor for me on every level and one that brings me huge joy to share with others.
Which translates into massive transformation and a joyous sense of success and accomplishment.


6-Week Live Coaching Program


SPIRITUAL HOUSEKEEPING is a live, interactive 6-week program that includes:

  • (6) Live learning modules, one per week
  • Weekly Soulwork assignments
  • An evergreen private Facebook group for additional spiritual mentorship, group interaction, and Q&As
  • Implementation and accountability support throughout the program  
  • But keep reading…
Normally this program would cost $2,997.

But because of the craziness in our world right now and the dire need for actionable support,  I am wholeheartedly giving this to you for $1,997.  

AND, because I want to make absolutely certain that you get the most out of this experience ASAP, I went a little crazy and I am throwing in:

  • A package of (6) WEEKLY 1-ON-1 COACHING SESSIONS, one per week throughout the program
  • AND…I have loads of extras that will be coming to you each week to help keep you connected, committed, and inspired

I am jam-packing and over-delivering with this Fall 2020 SPIRITUAL HOUSEKEEPING because I want to make 1,000% sure that you have what you need to succeed. Right now.

I know that you’ve likely read the books, listened to the podcasts, maybe even taken the courses you believed would help move your life in a better feeling direction, but it didn’t quite happen.

I also know that the exact right teacher is just waiting for each and every one of us.

And I have a strong and heartfelt belief that we are each drawn to that which is truly meant for us.

If you feel called to dive into this experience with me, please, listen to that calling. It is your heart telling you what feels real, possible, and true.

I would be honored to be your partner on this journey.

Let’s schedule a time to connect by phone and see if SPIRITUAL HOUSEKEEPING is the right journey for you.

Let’s schedule a time to connect by phone and see if SPIRITUAL HOUSEKEEPING is the right journey for you.