Shape Shifting

Orsa and

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I was just catching up on my pre-holiday culinary news and came across an Eater post announcing that Chef Josef Centeno has flipped Orsa & Winston, the highest brow concept in his expanding lineup, into a casual yakitori shop called O&W Yakitori-Ya.

Devised partly as a way for him to sneak off for for some time in Japan, the temporary overhaul was also said to be a way to counteract the dearth of seasonal ingredients he needs for his prix-fixe only O&W menu.

Whatever the reason, I love seeing concepts nimbly reinventing themselves in ways that keep diners interested and engaged, rather than trying to execute pre-fab re-brands leaving diners confused and ambivalent.

Kudos to Chef Centeno.

Perhaps this is why he’s quickly becoming the King of Downtown.