Shape Shifting

Orsa and

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I was just catching up on my pre-holiday culinary news and came across an Eater post announcing that Chef Josef Centeno has flipped Orsa & Winston, the highest brow concept in his expanding lineup, into a casual yakitori shop called O&W Yakitori-Ya.

Devised partly as a way for him to sneak off for for some time in Japan, the temporary overhaul was also said to be a way to counteract the dearth of seasonal ingredients he needs for his prix-fixe only O&W menu.

Whatever the reason, I love seeing concepts nimbly reinventing themselves in ways that keep diners interested and engaged, rather than trying to execute pre-fab re-brands leaving diners confused and ambivalent.

Kudos to Chef Centeno.

Perhaps this is why he’s quickly becoming the King of Downtown.


Meat on Tour




I’ve talked about culinary collaborations before. Chefs love to jam together. Restaurants love to host themed dinners and book signings for food memoirists. People love to take food and food ideas on the road and share them with the masses.

Leave it to “emerging concept” Mendocino Farms to design a meat tour when it invites the “garage to table smoked meat pop-up” Ugly Drum to incorporate its hand crafted pastrami into menus, hitting each MF location for a few days each throughout April and May.

Happy to be a groupie.