Day 1

A beautiful, dear, and courageous friend shared this bit of inspiration with me a few days ago. This simple talisman of newness and possibility shook something inside of me that I had to sit down and face.

The experience was akin to waking up on a train and looking around and suddenly realizing where I was.  

We are ALL on a journey in this life. And some parts of the journey are decidedly harder than others. But when we wake up in the morning, are we feeling redemption? Opportunity? Expansiveness?

Or are we waking up only to sink back into the familiar “pain” that is keeping us stuck, our feet energetically nailed to the ground?

I put the word “pain” in quotes because much of the time (okay, most of the time) we don’t see pain for what it is. We acclimate to it, like our bodies do when frantically trying to accommodate alcohol or drugs, searching for a new homeostasis in order to survive.

This is what we do with emotional pain.

We find a way to let it live in our bodies without killing us or keeping us from raising our children or earning money or breathing in and breathing out.

My friend’s creation showed me that every day is Day 1.

It is singular. It is a gift. And it is ours to do with as we choose.

TAKE this day. For courage or compassion or rest. Take this day. It is yours.

Think you're aware of how you feel most of the time?

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