I am reminded every day that the awarenesses I help facilitate within my clients are also meant for me.

Every client is unique of course, with a variety of "challenges" and opportunities. But, in the end, they are addressing aspects of all of us.

So, when I'm able to walk a client through a conversation that allows them to deliberately change their feeling state, shift their beliefs, or see their whole self, their whole life differently, it allows me to as well.

Today I had an opportunity to ask myself how much and how often I let myself "receive."

I'm a giver, a nurturer, a caretaker, with a streak of over-responsibility. Sometimes when I have the opportunity to receive something--a compliment, a contribution, or (God forbid) time for myself--it often falls flat on me energetically; I don't take it in and allow it to nurture and feed me emotionally like I could.

This morning I walked a client through a process that allowed her to see a long list of things that she experiences every day that bring her a lot of joy, WHEN she acknowledges them--simple, mundane tasks like preparing the first cup of coffee in the morning, or savoring an affectionate moment with her child.

We often operate so much on autopilot--not stopping to actually check in with ourselves and see how we FEEL, that we numb out to the gifts around us, keeping us energetically low.

We all know logically that there is much to be grateful for in our lives. Sometimes we make lists or rattle off a few things at the end of the day as a gratitude practice. But it's not enough to just notice them. We need to allow ourselves to FEEL them. That takes the gratitude from your head down into your body where you can receive the benefit of it.

Ask yourself how you feel about receiving.

And be open to seeing the process of giving and receiving as a fluid, reciprocal flow of energy. Like the infinity symbol that looks like a number eight on its side, picture a balanced exchange of giving and receiving that flows effortless between you and the world.

Enjoy the giving; there is so much grace in that. But also value just as highly the receiving. That is the world reflecting back to you who you are.

Think you're aware of how you feel most of the time?

I'm guessing you may not. Let's see!

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Because a map won't do you any good unless you know where you're starting from, right?