September is a Beginning

Thank god for September.

The evenings are cooler. I’ve added an extra blanket to my son’s bed. I’ve starting stockpiling spice scented candles and daydream about pumpkins and autumn leaves. It’s just lovely.

Everyone has their own relationship with September. For me there’s a poignancy to it now that my little one is a “grader” and each new school year bluntly reminds me just how quickly he’s growing and maturing.

But there’s also a sweetness to it. The year is becoming ripe. The quickening of everything I wanted to accomplish early on slows in anticipation of the deliciousness of the seasons and celebrations ahead. I find myself yearning to pause and allow my attention to linger there more often.

September is a threshold. 

I felt the palpable transition when we crossed into the month. New cycles are beginning. After the long, hot weeks of summer we refocus our energies, regaining perspective of ourselves after so many days focused on family and activity.

The newness of the season ahead allows us to take stock internally, sweep out the spiritual attic, pack up and put away what we won’t need for the journey ahead, make room for something new.

Tonight a Harvest Moon will rise. As the moon comes up just shortly after sunset, the early night sky will seem unusually bright. The moon will seem nearer to the earth, enormous, amber and golden. The phenomenon got its name as farmers were able to work later in their fields, making use of the extra hours of light to pull their crops in at harvest time.

Extra light. Extra time.

Let this month’s full moon remind you to focus on the gift of transitions, beginnings, renewals. We will ALWAYS begin again. And each new beginning, just like each new day, can feel exactly as we’d like it to feel. Give the moon a little extra blessing this month. It’s your reminder: you will have as many new beginnings as you need.

Here are some journaling prompts to pull you gently into this new season.

«  What can you see more clearly in the light of the harvest moon that perhaps was dim and mysterious before? Is there an aspect to yourself that you haven’t wanted to acknowledge? Is there a possibility of a new direction in your life? Take some time to illuminate what’s been hidden.

«  If September is truly a new beginning, what is it that you are beginning? Choose now.

«  If September is a threshold, what would you like there to be on the other side and what are you leaving behind

Happy Harvest!

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