A (Literally) Moveable Feast



I just caught wind (thank you, @Culintro) that Noma, considered to be the best restaurant in the world, is relocating to Japan for two months at the beginning of 2015. 

As noted on the restaurant’s website, “Although our entire staff will move to Tokyo, we’ll leave our ingredients at home. Rather we’ll bring our mindset and sensibilities to the best of pristine winter produce from all over Japan.” 

Chicago’s Alinea and New York’s Eleven Madison Park traded places for five nights in 2012, but that was really just a space swap, each arriving with trucks filled to the gills with serviceware and ingredients allowing local diners to partake in an uber-exclusive pop-up from afar. 

This time Chef Rene Redzepi (@ReneRedzepiNoma) will transport only staff from Copenhagen to Tokyo, allowing the environment and the local ingredients to dictate the Japanese translation of “Noma”. 

What a beautiful concept. 

For a restaurant with a hyper-intense focus on landscape and a desire to explore how natural surroundings shape who we are, it seems a logical progression. 

I would wager that we are all trying to communicate who we are through what we produce and share with the world. What new landscape (business, passion, art form) would you immerse yourself in just to see what came out? And would you be open to the change? 


What cha think?

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