Burn the Boats


There are a handful of marketing gurus I stay connected to–for inspiration, for ideas, to help me get off my butt and do what I know I should be doing.

Never Stop Marketing” is one newsletter I actually manage to read on a daily basis. Today’s post is about managing the things we tell ourselves and taking control of the messaging and turning it into something that drives and motivates, rather than slows us down or defeats.

He had a list:

Go big or go home.

Leave it all on the field.

Embrace the suck. (A particularly appealing phrase courtesy of the Navy Seals.)

But the one that did it for me was: “Burn the boats.” And he linked out to a Wikipedia post to help explain.

The Wikipedia entry was for “Point of no return.”  It read: “[Burning one’s boats] is a variation of “burning one’s bridges”, and alludes to certain famous incidents where a commander, having landed in a hostile country, ordered his men to destroy their ships, so that they would have to conquer the country or be killed.”


I think Seth Godin would like this.

Talk about commitment.

Now imagine being this committed to your ideas. And go burn your boat.


What cha think?

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