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In the business world it’s easy to get stalled at the threshold of a good idea.  You talk about it, make copious notes, schedule meetings, ask for feedback…and then what?  A business plan’s a tangible first step, but are you ready to actually try to bring it to life?

Luckily, there are dozens of organizations in Los Angeles that specialize in incubating good ideas and providing fledgling entrepreneurs with information and contacts to help bring their well intentioned plans into the marketplace.

I attended an event last night put on by one such organization called Dealmaker Media. As their website attests, they are “A network of innovators who see the opportunities in building relationships and sharing knowledge.  From early-stage startups with an eye for disruption, to some of the most influential companies in the world – we help get deals done – one handshake at a time.”

The particular Dealmaker event I attended was “Pitch, Package, Partner – How to Land Deals with Big Brands.

And big brands they delivered.  The panelists (and, later, sitting ducks, as they were barraged with pitches during the cocktail hour) included heavy hitters from United Talent Agency, Tapulous/Disney Mobile, CBS Mobile, News Corp Digital/MySpace and Red Bull. 

While the content had a heavy digital emphasis, everyone in the room seemed to nod in unison as long-pondered questions were answered regarding negotiating, deal crafting, pitching do’s and don’ts, and—what was seemingly the holy grail to this group—how to simply get yourself in the door.  

Now, I like a good networking mixer as much as the next person, but I wasn’t there to mingle with other startups.  I was there to get a few questions answered.  When I saw the panelist I needed head for the men’s room at the close of the panel I did what any motivated, focused entrepreneur would do; I ambushed him the minute he came out.  Got my questions answered…and got his business card.

What do you need to get started? 

Got any questions or theories about how to effectively launch a startup, please post them here on our Facebook page.

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