Bistronomics 1.0


I was thrilled to have the opportunity to experience one of Jet Tila‘s two-night, limited edition pop-ups–“Bistronomics 1.0”–this past Monday night.  Held at Breadbar on Third Street, this informal gathering gave Jet the chance to visit with old friends (LA groupies) and, more importantly, to collaborate with chef Alex Ageneau, Sous from The Royce, a culinarian from his past.

I’ll have the opportunity to speak with Jet one-on-one this coming Monday to talk to him about Wazuzu, his Vegas incarnation, what he misses about the LA food scene and what’s on his docket for 2011 and beyond.  Stay tuned for more…

Jet Tila, Alex Ageneau and Gang for Bistronomics 1.0 @ Breadbar 3rd St.


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