Are you finally ready to begin living


The life that’s been hiding out in the quiet corners inside you?

The life you’ve always felt you should be living, but continues to feel every so slightly out of  reach?

It’s time.

I’m Carrie Kommers. And over the past ten years I have drastically redirected my path in life. I have stopped suffering under the weight of my own expectations of myself, given myself permission to be happy, healed old wounds, and found a new way of living that keeps me connected to my highest purpose. My transformation isn’t unique. You don’t need a degree or a certification to make the same inner changes. I can help. That’s why I’m here.
When we’re lost and looking for direction it can feel soothing to turn to experts who seem to have the answers we crave.

We voraciously gobble up hours of video, opt-in to dozens of newsletters, and download freebie after freebie, hoping that something will resonate with us as our answer, our solution.

Often times we are left feeling emptier and more confused than before. Why?

The experts and teachers out there aren’t wrong. They’re simply missing one massively important key to truly helping you.

They aren’t you.

No one can crawl inside your body to see how something feels, or check in with your deepest knowing to see if a concept makes you feel safe and strong or wobbly and off-kilter. Only you can do these things.

Only you know what will heal your life, bring you the kind of peace and contentment you have been missing. Only you know what it means to be in or out of alignment with your dreams.

My work is to facilitate that inner exploration and lead you to the answers.

Think you're aware of how you feel most of the time?

I'm guessing you may not. Let's see!

Claim your free Feeling Finder Process to help get you out of your head and into your emotional body in order to truly understand what you're focused on and where your energy is going.

Because a map won't do you any good unless you know where you're starting from, right?

As a certified spiritual coach I don’t provide quick fixes or one-size-fits-all solutions.

What I do provide is the deeply intuitive guidance that can lead you to the places within yourself that hold all the answers, all the inspiration, and all of the knowing that you need to see, feel and MANIFEST the life that you want.

So, are you ready to begin trusting the only person who can make a difference in your life? (You.) 

Because I am ready to introduce you to her.

She is waiting for you.

“The strongest force in the universe is a human being living consistently with his identity.” – Tony Robbins

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